Andrea Koystal

Andrea Koystal


Most of my paintings are inspired by urban landscape and nature, and reflect experiences from my childhood. I grew up in a small village in Europe where playing outdoors, gardening, and exploring nature was commonplace. Later, I studied art in the city of Pecs, Hungary, a city filled with beautiful historic buildings, and architectural masterpieces. This artistically and culturally rich city clearly predicted who I would become as an artist.

I have always been interested in balance both in my life and in my art, which reflects an endless struggle between the natural and artificial.
My fascination with nature is revealed through my use of vivid primary colors. Their vibrant and cruel beauty evokes and preserves nature’s own power through a fractured structure within my paintings.

As much as I enjoy careful planning and constructed forms, I consider my paintings as reflections of my feelings and moods. Emotion, integrity, honesty and power of expression are my primary concerns. My use of expressive color, abstract geometric forms, and movement along the horizontal and vertical line creates the sense of depth in my paintings.

I come from a textile background, and as a result I compose richly textured works of art akin to woven tapestries. I incorporate collage techniques by using colored papers, magazines and most frequently my own photographs from the places I have traveled. The juxtaposition and multiplication of layers reflects the complexity of antagonistic processes and guides the viewer’s attention through a visual map of a constantly changing environment.

My paintings are abstract cityscapes of the places that I have traveled and they reveal the feelings and moods of each city I have visited. It is great to listen to viewers who experience my paintings, as oftentimes they describe them as being taken in directions other than what I have experienced while creating the piece. I am happy that each of my paintings can offer the viewer a subjective landscape for their own personal experience.

I am strongly convinced that art is not just an activity – it is the most important expression of sincere purity of body, soul, and mind. One should look at child drawings and paintings as the most pregnant examples of art – their beauty lacks boundaries and is filled with true desire for expression. In my art I try to combine and reconcile strivings of the body and aspirations of the mind.