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Congratulations, Andrea Koystal

Deadline to enter the SMAA Juried Show for Exhibit at Lucile Parker Gallery: August 3, 2021.



DATE: August 10, 2021
TIME: 7:00 PM
LOCATION: If you’d like to attend a meeting as a visitor email for more information.

Children’s Hope Art Exhibit at the Forrest County Youth Court, Hattiesburg, Miss.

Award-winning porcelain artist Vixon Sullivan demonstrated how to create one of his signature magnolias on 7/14/20 at 7 PM. Vixon has several accomplishments, which includes a collaboration with sculpture artist, Ben Watts, to create the bronze statue of slain civil rights activist, Vernon Dahmer erected in December 2019 at the Forrest County Court House. Vixon is a Trustee and Past-President of SMAA. We were delighted to have him demonstrate as a featured artist during our July meeting.

On Tuesday, Nov. 12 SMAA had a drawing demonstration presented by award-winning artist Whitson Ramsey. Whitson has a vocational degree in Graphic Design and a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts with a focus in Drawing and Painting from the University of Southern Mississippi. He was born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi and currently lives in Hattiesburg. He was recently selected to exhibit in the prestigious 2019 National Juried Painting Exhibition; there were 454 entries from all over the US, only 46 artists were chosen to exhibit. Visit his website at

In Whitson’s own words, “there was never a point in my life where I didn’t find intense joy in creating things. Growing up, I always took art classes in school but that creative energy spilled into my outside life too. I was in high school when I decided I wanted to take the risk of being an artist as a career rather than just as a hobby.

I incorporate a variety of mediums in my work but I suppose for simplicity’s sake, I mainly use oil paint and charcoal. I like the malleability of those materials because they allow you to constantly work and rework the surface in their own unique ways. My work always remains in some state of progress. I enjoy seeing every step of my process all in one piece. This method is tricky yet exciting. I constantly have to argue with myself when deciding whether a piece is “too finished” or “not enough.”

The inspiration for my art comes from a variety of areas be it other art, music, or movies. But above all, my biggest inspiration is the human connection I share with the people in my life. I paint people who mean something to me, and for that I don’t think I will ever run of out subject matter.”

The meetings are at the Ben McNair Community Center at 300 N. 12th Ave. Please see the meeting details at the top left of this page for more information.





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The SMAA September 8, 2020 monthly Zoom meeting will feature pottery artist, Andrea Kirkley live from her studio in Collins, Miss. She will demonstrate three pottery surface techniques on clay: underglaze transfer, sgraffito, and creation of 3-D animal mugs using clay & underglazes. There are various ways to use sgraffito do decorate pottery. Sgraffito is from the Italian word meaning “to scratch”) It is a pottery decorating technique produced by applying layers of color or colors (underglazes or colored slips) to leather hard pottery and then scratching off parts of the layer(s) to create contrasting images, patterns and texture and reveal the clay color underneath. If you are interested in attending this online Zoom SMAA artist demonstration, email BEFORE 10 PM on 9/7/2020.


The SMAA August 11,2020 monthly Zoom meeting featured a pottery wheel demonstration by Professor Allen Chen an assistant professor of Ceramics at The University of Southern Mississippi.His presentation will feature both a beginner pottery demo and an advanced surface design for pottery. Professor Chen was born in Taiwan and moved to California at age 12. He earned a BFA from San Jose State University and an MFA from The University of Notre Dame. He has been a long term artist in residence at Mendocino Art Center, Red Lodge Clay Center and Lawrence Arts Center and was an assistant professor at Central State University from 2012~2014.


At our monthly meeting Tuesday, 5/12/20 online on Zoom, we had an excellent topic for professional artists. Gulf Coast artist Kathleen Johnson discussed selling more art, in spite of COVID-19. Through the years, Kathleen has been consistently successful selling art on her website and at festivals. She has proven herself to be knowledgeable and had a lot to share with us.


Join us at our January 14 member meeting for a live art demonstration by Renee King. She will show us a “Dirty Pour Acrylic” technique. Dirty Pour is a technique where all colors are added to a cup or container at the same time and then poured together to create an acrylic pouring paint effect, and instead of being mixed, the design results in separate paint colors applied at once. It’s a great technique that even beginners can try. The meeting is Tuesday, January 14, 2020 6:30 to 7:45. Ben McNair Community Center, 300 N. 12th Ave., Hattiesburg, MS 39401. Come in the front lobby and turn down the left hall.


The 43rd SMAA Annual Show

will be held on Saturday, December 14 at the Historic Hattiesburg Train Depot. The Public is invited to attend. We invite artists in South Mississippi to join SMAA, so we can invite you to enter our Annual Show. There will be $1500 in cash awards given at the show to members. The deadline to pay your membership dues is Wednesday, November 27, 2018. If you have questions, email Join us!


Paul Jackson Watercolor Workshop

Click on the link above to learn all about the Paul Jackson Watercolor Workshop described on Facebook.