Founded in 1964 in South Mississippi

The South Mississippi Art Association was established in 1964 by a group of Hattiesburg area artists. They had passion and dreams to further develop their talents and to display art to the public. The goal was to increase awareness and expose the benefits of art and beauty around us. SMAA is a section 501(c)3 organization.

An abandoned fire station on West Fifth Street, called “The Firehouse Gallery,” served as the first meeting place and display space for many years. Artists met there to paint, draw, and sculpt; and it even contained a kiln for firing pottery. (No paragraph change here ) After the Firehouse Gallery was unavailable, Steve Floyd generously gave us space in several locations at the Cloverleaf Center for many years. Later, Hattiesburg Recreation Department provided us with a meeting room and work space at the Lt. Ben McNair Recreation Center on 12th Avenue in Hattiesburg.

The membership has had well over 100 artists for many years. We meet regularly to do what we enjoy — create artwork to feed our souls and to share our talents and enthusiasm with others. Individually, we have taken classes, studied with masters, bought books, videos, CDs, and practiced by the hour, sometimes feeling frustration over the results, other times feeling the quiet satisfaction of putting thoughts and visions into tangible form. We use all media, from delicate watercolors to rock-hard sculpture, and employ photographic realism to ethereal abstract.

We continue the passion and dreams of our founders to share our talents, encourage beginners, reward successes, and enjoy the camaraderie of kindred spirits. We are actively seeking a space to teach, develop, learn, exhibit, and share the arts with South Mississippi.

Our Mission

The South Mississippi Art Association welcomes adult artists using a wide variety of artistic approaches; we believe that as artists we can always learn from one another. SMAA is a community of students, hobbyists, and professionals ages who desire to learn and create art. Most programs are for adults 18 and over. Our mission:

  • Seek out and foster the artistic talents of South Mississippi
  • Provide art experiences and host exhibitions for the public.
  • Connect with communities to educate the public and promote the enjoyment of fine art.

The South MS Art Association welcomes artists regardless of any medium, and all skill levels are welcome. We have regular established classes and or media social sessions in adult watercolor, adult sculpture, and adult pottery. Our monthly programs and periodic workshops give support to various other media.

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